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Scrolltrigger works on desktop and android phone and tablet. But not on iOS devices

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I know a demo helps but my code is very large so I try to ask a general question first: 

My scrolltrigger are working perfectly on Android tablets and smartphones, but not on iPad and iPhone (models are not old or something).

Is there a problem or typical mistake known leading to that problem?

Thank you!

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Not with scrollTrigger specifically.

I would look more broadly at browser support for the properties you're animating. Mobile safari can be tricky!


Hope this helps, if you get time to put a demo together - we can certainly give you better advice.

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Yep, and just to be clear, ScrollTrigger definitely works on iOS Safari (and all browsers). So I'd bet Cassie is correct about the problem being that you're animating properties that Safari doesn't support (maybe?) Very difficult to say without a minimal demo

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Hey thanks, I found the error. 

Had nothing to do with Scrolltrigger like you guys said.

Thank you :)

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Hey @dr.Pxl please can you share the fix to this error, I’m also having the same issue with my current project. Thanks 

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It's very unlikely you'll have the same issue @Reetchy - ScrollTrigger works fine on IOS safari and other browsers.

Take a look at the properties you're animating - it's usually down to browser support.

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Hey @Reetchy,


like @Cassie said, it was a mobile Safari issue with a function that had nothing to do with Scrolltrigger. I wrote you a message with instruction on how to debug iOS Safari via cable and macOS Safari.


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