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error syntaxError - import { getGlobalMatrix, Matrix2D } from "./utils/matrix.js";

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I have a problem that I get this error when I want to output my project.

I do not know if this problem is related to forums or not.


"next": "^11.0.0"

"react": "^17.0.2"



import { getGlobalMatrix, Matrix2D } from "./utils/matrix.js";

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Hi raana,


Next.js does not support ES Modules by default, so you'll need to import the UMD files from the dist folder.


import { gsap } from "gsap/dist/gsap";
import { Draggable } from "gsap/dist/Draggable";



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@OSUblake hi again.

I used import {gsap} from "gsap / dist / gsap"; 

But it still has a problem.



Screenshot from 2021-11-11 21-50-38.png

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That error might be coming from server side rendering as client side scripts won't work. Try checking for a window object first like this...


if (typeof window !== "undefined") {
  gsap.registerPlugin(Draggable, InertiaPlugin);


Or register it inside an effect as those won't run server side.

useEffect(() => {
  gsap.registerPlugin(Draggable, InertiaPlugin);
}, []);


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