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can ScrollTrigger do what ScrollMagic does?

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Hi! I'm new at ScrollTrigger (about 4 days). I have a simple question: is ScrollMagic and ScrollTrigger same? 

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Welcome to the forums @azadsarxanli


A simple answer to your simple question: No, they are not the same.


ScrollMagic is not a GreenSock product, whereas ScrollTrigger is. And that is the absolute best thing about ScrollTrigger because besides it allowing you to do everything you could do with ScrollMagic (and a whole lot more beyond that), it is actively maintained, developed further over time (just check on the latest additions for it that came with GSAP 3.8.0) and you get support for it in these forums, which btw already contain quite a few helper-functions working around some edge-cases - so it's good to stick around :) 


I'm pretty sure you will have lots of fun with ScrollTrigger.


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