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ScrollTrigger problem on mobile.

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Hi everyone,

I don't know why but this code pan works perfectly fine on mobile and desktop (ScrollTrigger animations), but my code which is the same, works only on desktop, any ideas? Here's the link to my website, on which this code doesn't work: https://reverent-ardinghelli-ab7785.netlify.app/?fbclid=IwAR1EtcmzmHWoiuNMbuf0uBCGLLh35f00tNuZpKBnQrxAjp47NTKL047zylI  . Any help will be appreciated.

See the Pen zYdpQdJ by kamilmarchewka (@kamilmarchewka) on CodePen

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Hi friend :)


Your netlify link seems to be broken.


Also, since the codepen is working. I doubt its a scrollTrigger issue. Maybe debug other elements on your app? 

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Now netlify link works. There's no errors on desktop, it doesn't depend on browser. Is it possible to open devTools on mobile? 

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