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How can I achieve smoke reveal effect

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How can I achieve smoke reveal effect same as this website : https://ferrisrafauli.com/

I am new to greensock and I am curious how can I achieve this effect as I didn't get any demo or similar thing on greensock but when I scrap the code of above mentioned website I found greensock name.

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Hello @developer53 and welcome to the forums.


That smoke effect in the background on mousemove is likely created with WebGL and probably not that easy to realize.

While GSAP can also animate things in a WebGL context, you won't be able to create something like that with GSAP alone.


I remember a fluid-simulation that looks very close to that background smoke.

Click and drag on the canvas to see the magic happen in this sandbox...




...and see the code for all that here:




Maybe that can serve as a starting point for you.


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