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how to make a tween+split text run from end of it

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hello  my  mother language is writed from right to left (opposite of English) so  because of  that  my h2 (marked  with blue 1  in attached image )runs from the end (the end in my language ) so i want to make it  work exactly opposite of this  is there a way to do it ? 

remember  i just want to make it to run from the end and i dont want to use yoyo  i simply want to make this (marked  with blue 2  in attached image  ) start from the end  

thank you 





See the Pen jOLaveB by alirezahekmati (@alirezahekmati) on CodePen

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Hi @alirezahekmati,

You can pass stagger an object with more information. In this case you would want to specify that the animation should start at the end of the array.

See the Pen xxLPBrE?editors=1010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

Happy tweening, hope this helps!

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