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Involuntary jumps during a tween

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I'd like to make a simple parallax, but I noticed I have a weird behavior when I link it with scroll trigger.

And it's not the first time I observed it. 

I try to reproduce it on a codepen but it seems to work. Here's a screenshot of what happen on my website : 



It also happen sometimes when I do a mask reveal animation

when a child goes from -100% to 0%, regarding on the percentage of the parent in the viewport. 

Do you have any ideas on how to optimize this parallax effect, or this mask reveal effect ? 


Thank you very much :)


See the Pen JjyOYJW by michaelgrc (@michaelgrc) on CodePen

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Hi @Michael31. It's super difficult to troubleshoot blind, especially when you can't provide a CodePen minimal demo that shows the issue but...

  1. What version of ScrollTrigger are you using? I'd definitely recommend the latest.
  2. It kinda looks like you've got a few things fighting for control of those elements - do you maybe have a CSS transition or another fighting tween? 
  3. What's different between the CodePen (which works) and your project (which doesn't)? I'd recommend slowly building up your CodePen to get closer and closer to your real project until it breaks. 
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