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How to achieve this effect in monopo.london?

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I'm wondering how to replicate this effect on https://monopo.london/ where the mouseover interacts with the colours. I thought it would be something like this https://tympanus.net/Development/FlowmapDeformation/index.html, but it does not seem like it as in this case, it's a still image.


In Monopo London, the mouse was interacting with the colours. Really am dying to find out:

1) What this effect is called. Is it repulsion effect?

2) How do I make this? (e.g., use Pixi.JS or WebGL... or?)

3) Are there any tutorials to watch/learn about this mouseover effect together with the glowy background? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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Hey @oplosn,

Yep - that's shader magic - so WebGL. 

The developer that made it has mentioned wanting to do a write up so maybe give him a little nudge on twitter 😉


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Thank you so much for sharing this, @Cassie! Definitely keeping a lookout for the case study. Really appreciate the reply 🙂 

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