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question about scrollTrigger and use of smooth scroll-behavior for nav links

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Hey friends! I am wondering if anyone has made use of css smooth-scroll behavior for nav links taking you smoothly down the page, and then  experienced the glitchy-jumping feeling that the page undergoes when it crosses a section of animation on a scrollTrigger with scrub... Is there anyone who has encountered this, and come up with a good solution to skipping that section or disabling the animation for that scrollTrigger section in order to make it down the page to the section clicked in the nav? I really like the smooth scroll behavior with my nav links, but the glitching when it hits the scrollTrigger section is making me think twice. Are there any settings that I'm missing, or anything built into gsap to help with something like this? 

If this idea is unclear, I'm happy to provide a CodePen.

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Hi there @jeanettable,

Yeah, css smooth scroll and scrollTrigger can result in some odd behaviour. We don't recommend it.

We do have a plugin that handles animating the scroll position, maybe that would help?

Happy to take a look at a codePen and advise more! ☺️


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