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GSAP fade in/out logos randomly

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Hi, I created something like the following before actually seeing the gsap website's footer logo section:

 (gsap with react)


However what I wanted to achieve was more like the GSAP footer logo section, where the logo's fade in and out at different times, independently and at random spots. My logos are randomized in their location, but fade in and out together, which isn't really ideal. 


Any guidance would be appreciated, I am a gsap newbie.





See the Pen OJjmzpx by m-a-r-t-i-n (@m-a-r-t-i-n) on CodePen

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A few other tips: 

  1. Your randomArrayShuffle() could be replaced with just using gsap.utils.shuffle(). Super handy. 
  2. You almost never need setTimeout() when you're using GSAP - just use the gsap.delayedCall() so that it's perfectly synchronized with screen repaints and animation refreshes. 
  3. Your code looks like it's shifting the entire Array around every 5 seconds (so the logos change places) - how would you do that if you've got all the logos randomized with their animation timing? You'd need to make it happen when they're ALL invisible simultaneously which I think goes against the randomized look you're going for, right? 
  4. One strategy for having an element kinda randomly fade in/out is a function that creates a tween with an onComplete that calls it again, like: 
    function animateLogo(element) {
      gsap.to(element, {
        delay: gsap.utils.random(1, 3), // random number between 1 and 3
        opacity: 1,
        duration: 1,
        repeat: 1,
        yoyo: true, // go back to opacity: 0
        repeatDelay: 1, // wait 1 second at full opacity
        ease: "none",
        onComplete: () => animateLogo(element)
    logos.forEach(el => animateLogo(el));


I hope that helps!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks much Cassie.


Thanks GreenSock,  that helped a lot! Got it working as intended.

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