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Problem with ScrollTrigger onLeave

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I have 3 creative scrolling animations on a page and am trying to replace them with a static image once the sequence is complete.


So far - I've managed to get the static image to appear HOWEVER when I remove the sequence from the DOM and use the ScrollTrigger.refresh() function, it jumps down the page to the next sequence and the content get's lost.

How do I fix this issue? https://staging2.saltcybersecurity.co.uk/

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Hi @creativefold. Welcome to the forums! 


We can't really troubleshoot a live site because there are way too many factors and it's impossible to make tweaks live and see the results (please read the forum guidelines), but we'd be happy to answer any GSAP-specific questions. 


If you still need some help, please isolate the issue in a minimal demo and post a link here (like to a CodePen or CodeSandbox) and we'll take a peek. Please don't include your whole site in the demo - just try to reproduce the issue in the simplest possible way (a few basic <div> elements, for example). That'll significantly increase your chances of getting a solid answer. 👍

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