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Parallax Background Image with Horizontal containerAnimation

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I have a horizontal scrolling site using the containerAnimation with 6 sections (the section width is set to pixels and they will each eventually vary in size). I am looking to implement a parallax movement to my background images in each section - I have applied n example to the second section in my codepen (along with a few other GSAP elements i've been using).


I have come across various parallax examples in the forums but none using the containerAnimation for a horizontal website so i'm struggling to execute this. Any help would be great.

See the Pen NWvdybq by brawn14 (@brawn14) on CodePen

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I don't really understand your question - can you elaborate and make sure your demo is as simple as possible to really focus on the specific issue you're asking about? 


I wouldn't recommend animating background-image content because it's not GPU-accelerated in most browsers and I believe some also apply pixel snapping. It's better to just us a regular <img> and if you want it clipped, you can just wrap it in a <div> with overflow: hidden. 


For parallax, you'd just create animations on the images that move them a different distance in the same amount of time. 

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Ok thanks Jack, I'll give the <img> a go over a background and see how I get on, thanks for the quick response.

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