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Hello Gsap community i need a clarification about the scrolltrigger plugin in Gsap v3.8 using in Angular 12

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As i was using the angular 12 to build the webapp i'm trying to use the scroll trigger animation in my project, the thing is the initial animation is working fine. But when it comes to ScrollTrigger in doesn't works in angular. I dont know why... I want to target a particular class in HTML to animate it using the scrolltrigger plugin

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How to target a class using scrolltrigger in Angular 12, please help me.

Like in this image, I'm trying to target a text which class is named as "beginner-txt", trying to animate it using scrolltrigger. But it doesn't

gsap error.PNG

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Your GSAP code is valid, but you can't do a scrolling animation if there are no scrollbars. ScrollTrigger works by scrolling. But I don't know if that is your issue because you didn't provide a demo showing the issue.


See the Pen wvqgwxW by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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Finally i found why Scrolltrigger doesnt work with me.... Becoz the main content in inside the mat-sidenav-content... So that it doesnt works. Is there any solution for implementing the scrollTrigger inside the mat-sidenav-content

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If that's a different scrolling element than the main window, you would need to use the scroller property.


scroller String | Element - By default, the scroller is the viewport itself, but if you'd like to add a ScrollTrigger to a scrollable <div>, for example, just define that as the scroller. You can use selector text like "#elementID" or the element itself.



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