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MorphSVG: Square to diamond shape

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Hi I'm trying to do a seemingly simple morph but the outcome is not quite like desired. I'm morphing a square shape into a "diamond shape" made with same amount of anchor points and made with corner radius in illustrator for the rounding. 

The desired animation would look something like this:
But as seen in the Codepen the morph between the paths looks different. Any ideas how to make a svg morph similar to the reference?

See the Pen eYEBKqL by henrikboelsmand (@henrikboelsmand) on CodePen

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Hi Henrik - 

It's a little wonky, as I did it quickly. But you'll probably get the best result by creating a square with extra points halfway down the sides, then copying it and pulling those center points in to create the diamond

See the Pen jOLVeoa?editors=1010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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Hi Cassie

Thank you! Worked great with the new points, exactly the effect I was looking for. 😊

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