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Utilizing GSAP in Magento (Without RequiredJS)

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I want to use GSAP in Magento. However I only have authoring privileges is a way(s) to initiate it without having access to requireJS file? 

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Welcome to the forums @Design Geek Studio


I have no idea how Magneto works, or what having authoring privileges even means in that context. Sounds like something you might want to bring up with your admin. 


But you really don't need to use requireJS as GSAP scripts are hosted on CDNs. 



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Hi Blake,


Thanks for replying so fast. I'll give you more context. I'm working on a web site the was made in Magento that has access restrictions.  Since I'm not an admin, I don't have root file or theme access. I'm only allowed access to build pages using Magento's dashboard.  I tried using the CDN(S), but to no avail. It doesn't recognize the scripts. I'm looking for someone who used both GSAP and Magento successfully so they can help me troubleshoot.  

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I'm not familiar with anyone around here that uses Magento, so it might be hard getting help. You could always post in the Jobs & Freelance forum.


But if you can write JavaScript files, then you could always just dynamically insert the GSAP files kind of like this, but maybe using the CDN urls instead.





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