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Element diseapears scrolling up using Locomotive scroll with Oh boiiii steroids plugin for elementor wordpress

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this so please bare with me :)

I have installed a plugin "Oh boiiii steroids" for elementor for Wordpress using LocomotiveScroll + GPSA scroll to.


Well, I didn't work on it this week end and today, I'm noticing some glitch. I'm on CHROME PC. It's working fine on filezilla...

When I scroll down and then up, some elements disapears or take 1sec to show, or don't show at all.


I'm pulling my hair out from this. I trying to use Hello elementor theme, deleting all my custom css/js, removing all plugns. Nothing! :(


I'm sending an SOS here!

Thank you for your help

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Hey there Alexia, Welcome to the forums.

I'm afraid this plugin (although using GSAP under the hood) isn't a GSAP product and assisting with third party plugins is out of scope for these forums. 

However the author of this plugin is in the forums so maybe he can help! @Oooh Boi

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Thank you Cassie for your quick answer :)


Hopefully @Oooh Boi  can see this!


Apparently, since the last google chrome update, lot of people are seeing the same locomotive scroll issue which is caused by google and affect all virtual scroll. I thought it was coming from the plugin.



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