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Scrolltrigger: How to Activate Function without GSDevTools

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I'm working my way through @Carl's creative coding club and have started combining code from the lessons as part of a larger project.


I'm able to animate split text via scrolltrigger but I am unable to do so without including GSDevTools which generates a playhead at the bottom of the page. I've tried removing "GSDevTools.create({animation:tl})" and calling the animation strictly through ScrollTrigger but this breaks.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


function init() {
  gsap.set("#block-load", { autoAlpha: 1 });
  split.lines.forEach((line, index) => {
    let chars = new SplitText(line, { type: "chars" });
      { duration: 0.3, yPercent: 100, stagger: 0.04 },
  start: "center 85%",
  end: "top top",
  markers: true,
  animation: tl,
  trigger: "#block-load"


 window.addEventListener("load", init)



See the Pen OJjNEOO by lvl12sealclubber (@lvl12sealclubber) on CodePen

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  • Solution

great to see you applying what you learned in the courses to your own projects!


I didn't have any trouble removing the GSDevTools line.


However, I don't think you want that position parameter of ">-50%"


see if this works for you


See the Pen JjyXmXg?editors=0010 by snorkltv (@snorkltv) on CodePen


for others watching. the animation in question was the text "testing testing testing" near the bottom.

it seems like it is being triggered properly now

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Thank you! Greensock is a lot to handle for a newbie like me but your courses are a great help.


Thanks again!

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