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Hover not working after pinning div element to top

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I have two Div Elements Footer and Contact-pager, When the footer's top touches top of the screen, I made it pin, and it is working fine, but the hover effect which I gave to *s-i* inside footer was not working.
I tried coding in codepen, but I never used it, so I found it difficult to write in it.

Furthermore, I tried removing Pin:true, just to be sure pin is causing the hover problem, and hover worked  after removing pin.


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Hey there sarathchand19,

Welcome to the forums. 🥳

This sounds like a z-index issue. I'd recommend making sure the s-i element is actually able to be hovered and not being blocked by other elements on top of it.

This won't be down to GSAP itself, but a side effect of whatever styling you've applied. It's not possible to help any further without seeing a codepen or codesandbox demo though I'm afraid.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction

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Hello Cassie,

What you said is Right, After seeing your answer I inspected the code and noticed that another div element(*pin-spacer*) was added before the footer.


The z-index for pin-spacer was -1 so I changed it, and the hover worked

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Great! - Just a small note. It's probably a more bulletproof solution to change the z-index of the s-i element or its parent as changing the z-index for pin-spacer will also affect pin-spacers created for other scrollTriggers.

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