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adding animation to carousel

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hi all,

I am trying to add animation to carousel. I am using ngx-slick-carousel for carousel. All animations are working fine but one. when i am swiping the slide,  the animation is not taking effect. Animation is working pretty well before and after swipe complete. I want animation to be done while swiping. 

here is the code: 



let cards = currentCardBox.querySelectorAll('.card-body')
let slideNum = e.currentSlide
gsap.to(cards[slideNum+1], {
scrollTrigger: {
trigger: cards[slideNum],
start: 'left 30%',
end: "-=100",
scrub: true,
horizontal: true,
markers: true



Q What I am trying to achieve ?

Ans: when the hero card swipes to left, next to hero card become hero card with some animation.



Thanks for the help..

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Welcome to the forums, @Zoff Unfortunately we can't really diagnose anything by just looking at a snippet of code - can you please provide a minimal demo? Please only include the things that are absolutely essential to show the issue (don't include your whole project). A CodePen or CodeSandbox is best - please read the forum guidelines


Please also keep in mind that we can't support 3rd party libraries (ngx-slick-carousel sounds like a 3rd party library for Angular) but we're happy to answer any GSAP-specific questions. 

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