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Tween overwriting tineline animation

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I'm not sure I can explain this but I'll try.


I have a movieclip that has a timeline animation (that I'd rather not convert to a tween) that changes scale, rotation and so on. The same movieclip will at some time be tweened with TweenNano too (again scale, rotation...).

I stop() the timeline animation before I tween it.


The next time I try to play() the timeline animation nothing happens - the playhead on the timeline is progressing, I can tell by tracing the currentFrame on ENTER_FRAME but the scaling, rotation, x & y doesn't change as it goes along the timeline animation.


Seems like the TweenNano has overwritten the timeline animation or something.

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This isn't a problem with TweenNano - it's just that as soon as you alter ANY property of ANY object via ActionScript, it essentially "unhooks" it from the timeline and you can never put it back. You can see it happen by simply setting the x property or alpha of your mc, like:


mc.x = 100;


As soon as that ActionScript runs, your timeline animations won't work anymore. It's just how Flash works. So you need to chose - either animate your object with ActionScript or frame-based MovieClip timeline tweens, not both. Of course I'd highly recommend using TimelineLite and TimelineMax: http://www.greensock.com/timeline-basics/

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It's a banner so I can't spare the extra kb in TimelineLite/Max.

I'll figure something out.

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