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Gallery background follow mouse

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Hi there! I saw this website in the showcase section:

I was just wondering what going on there for what concern the images follow mouse and gallery/zoom effect?
The result is really smooth!

Is there any possibility to reproduce it with GSAP? 

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We just showcase sites that use GSAP, but they don't give us their source code, so we don't know how they did that. From what I can tell, they are using canvas, which isn't that straightforward. And they are probably doing something similar to this, but adding parallax on top of it.


See the Pen WNErwGg by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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Yeah, they are using Canvas for the image effects (which I'd imagine is being controlled by GSAP behind the scenes) the effect likely using something like quicksetter to track and animate mouse locations, and that position to determine how the canvas elements are reacting to that.



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