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Gsap only resizes content as soon as I stop resizing my browser

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I have a centered element on my page and when I resize my browser, the element only moves back to the center as soon as I stop resizing the window. Fonts with viewport-related sizes are changing dynamically.

I think this is caused by the pin-spacer over my whole element - is that possible? I noticed that it sets itself a fixed width every time I stop resizing.


pinSpacing: true,


pinSpacing: false,

does not solve the problem.


Is there maybe a way to let the element check the browsers width while resizing the window too?


Thanks! :) 

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this worked for me:

window.addEventListener('resize', function(event){



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Just echoing this


1 hour ago, OSUblake said:

There's really no need to recalculate stuff until the browser size has settled.


Listening to the resize event and recalculating during resize is a pointless performance drain in most cases. It's a lot of work for the browser and most people don't even look at the content while they're resizing. It's a really small micro detail that devs obsess over - but it's not really of concern to the average user.

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Yes that is definitely true, its just for a very specific case :) 


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