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(ScrollTrigger + Scrub) Change text color in and out from the div

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Hi guys, this is my first time using GSAP. As mentioned in the title, I'm able to generate the effect without using scrub. However, I want the text color changes with scrub while entering the div and leaving the div. I tried using 2 triggers to do it but it failed. Anyone know how to make it works?


Kindly let me know what's the better way of writing GSAP so that I'm able to refactor it.

Thank you so much.

See the Pen abyOaZg by callmeliow (@callmeliow) on CodePen

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  • liow changed the title to (ScrollTrigger + Scrub) Change text color in and out from the div
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Welcome to the forums @liow


You need to use immediateRender on your 2nd tween. Otherwise it would be animating from black to black.


See the Pen ZEJGmgj by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen



You can learn more about immediateRender here.



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