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Need help with gsap and Angular 8+

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Im creating a draggable carousel using gsap and Angular and I have two issues. 


1. The cells dont render for a portion of the carousel, you need to keep scrolling(dragging) for them to reappear. They dont render initially so you need to scroll(drag) to start seeing them. 


2. Snap function does not run at all



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Welcome to the forums @TheKiffestOak


The snap function only works with the InertiaPlugin. See the inertia part of the Draggable docs.


For seamless looping, check out our loop Helper Function


See the Pen PojYwPp by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Another resource worth checking is the article on infinite scrolling. It deals with scrolling, but the same concept applies to dragging.




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