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Animated elements jump after resizing the browser window

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I have a question regarding my animated section dividers. When I change the size of the browser window the divider "jumps" ugly (it is not smooth as it was before resizing the window):


After refreshing the browser it's fine again. How can I prevent it? 



See the Pen WNEbeQe by zofiaifoz (@zofiaifoz) on CodePen

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OK, I found a way to do this. I just changed gsap.from to gsap.to (and updated the heights of course - so in CSS i have initial values). Now everything works as it should when changing the size of the browser window.


See the Pen RwZNRJa by zofiaifoz (@zofiaifoz) on CodePen

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Awesome! Nicely figured out Zofia

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