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Gsap.to() equals in pure js/css

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Hello, I'm a new user in the world of GSAP. For one reason, I'd like to know for the gsap.to() equals in pure css/ javascript. I's rather to learn the basic properties that gsap.to() uses to animate it. This is an example from Chris Course in Youtube:


class Enemy {
        this.x = x;
        this.y = y;
        this.rad =rad;
        this.color = color;
        this.velocity = velocity;

    create() {
        c.arc(this.x, this.y, this.rad, 0, Math.PI *2, false);
        c.fillStyle = this.color;

    update() {
        this.x += this.velocity.x;
        this.y += this.velocity.y;

//When a bullet reach a big enemy 
gsap.to(Enemy, { rad: Enemy.rad -11 });

Is there any pure css or javascript equal for the gsap.to() in the example? Thank you in advance

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Welcome to the forums @Ikuro1o


There's no real CSS equivalent in the example code you just gave as CSS only works with DOM elements. If you'd like to know how GSAP works, I'd suggest checking out some of the Coding Math videos on tweening and easing (episodes 27-31). He even mentions GSAP. 😁




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Thank you for the welcome and the reply @OSUblake

It's a bit disappointing though, no js/ css alternative for the gsap.to, but at least I got some valuable sources to learn. Thank you

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