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Vijay Seetaram Raju

overlapping issue with scroll trigger

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trying to achieve this type of horizontal scrolling like in reference by using scroll triggers and then as it continued. but its overlapping on other section .

the reference site is - https://www.ics.ac.jp/jointexhibition2021/en/

please suggest me,

See the Pen zYdYdPB by weavertext (@weavertext) on CodePen

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Hi Vijay,

It's often a lot easier to focus on one bit at a time.

I've taken the comparison section out for now and simplified down your styles.

You also don't need to register scrollTrigger twice. Just once is enough.


If you need to add the comparison section back in - focus on getting the styling right first, then add in JS.

See the Pen porodod?editors=1010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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Hi cassie, 


Thank you thank you so much,, it helps a lot. 


you are absolutely correct have tried many things at a single time.. Thank you 

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