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Stack elements on display grid

Go to solution Solved by nico fonseca,

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Hello there,


I use GSAP to animate some "cards", and I will stack them on click.

I didn't found a suitable solution, here is my last try with a position: absolute change, but as you see, it's not very linear.

Can the Flip plugin help me ?

If you have a solution or advice i'll be happy to read it 😀 I am new in the GSAP world and I have a lot to learn.

Have a nice day


See the Pen abyoopa by anaelr (@anaelr) on CodePen

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  • Solution

Hi @Anael_, welcome to the forum ! 💚

There are many ways to solve this and I created one for you 🙂. The problem when using position absolute is that you lose the .container dimension (width, height) and if the elements were not positioned with position absolute animation can get weird.
So I created this, only animating the transform x, y, calculating the container dimensions and the left position of the element.

See the Pen XWareXV?editors=0110 by nicofonseca (@nicofonseca) on CodePen


I hope this helps 🙌

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Thank you @nico fonseca !

It's perfect, I'll adapt it for vh dimensions ;)

Thanks for your help :)



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