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Hi,  why do the showcases not provide code in order to understand the logic and techniques are used.

in this https://kids.maplefromcanada.ca/ I don't understand  how the effect of page transition and menu effect done 

I try to study this showcases in order to can using GSAP professionally but there is no details about each project .

I also try  to search for advance courses  but not found 

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Hi @rala , welcome to the forum! 💚
GSAP has been in the market for a long time and has lots of tutorials (free and paid) and also you can find more stuff inside the forums.

If you want to start some courses I can recommend these ones:

And to learn more about the effects you were looking you can go to the forum, for example:

Hope this helps and if you have any issue you can ask on the forum providing a minimal demo and we'll help you! 🙌

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Additionally - the showcases are just examples of sites that are using GSAP. 

They weren't made by us and we have no right to show any of the code!


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