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Is the scroll-behaviour on this site's frontpage doable within GSAP?

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Can the scrolling behaviour here be replicated with GSAP's ScrollTrigger? I notice there's no scrollbar so I wasn't too sure. There seems to be some momentum to the scrolling, like just scrolling a little bit triggers a transition to the next scene?


Would this be possible with GSAP? And if so, would there be a way to hide the scrollbar whilst still keeping the overflow-y not hidden? Cheers.

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Welcome to forums @joshahayes


It looks like that site is using GSAP, but not ScrollTrigger. It's most likely using wheel events to drive the animation, kind of like this, although this demo is more linear.


See the Pen PoWapLP by BrianCross (@BrianCross) on CodePen


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