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Can't make convertCoordinates() work on React

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I'm trying to use convertCoordinates from the MotionPathPlugin but sadly i can't manage to make it work despite my tries.

I cannot make a CodePen but i made a CodeSandbox rather here :



The goal was to move the green bloc to the blue bloc by giving it its coordinates. If i input a manual value on x such as 300 then the green bloc moves but using convertCoordinates never works whatever i try. My best guess was a weird interaction with useRef or useEffect since i can't use variables like in the documentation, but i don't know how to solve it..


Any ideas please? Thank you!

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  • Solution

Hi Drymy!


In the docs is says not to use a string selector, so you should use a ref instead e.g.

let p = MotionPathPlugin.convertCoordinates(blueBloc.current, greenBloc.current, {
  x: 0,
  y: 0



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OH my god i'm so stupid, sorry about that and thank you so much, it works perfectly!!

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