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Animation is Jittery

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Hi , Finally I have Achieved my Desired Animartion but is Jittery Most of the Time.

Any Help In Performance and Smoothness Please :)

See the Pen bGRvvOe by blitzve0 (@blitzve0) on CodePen

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Love your animation 🔥🔥🔥


I don't see any jittering. What kind of device are you using?


Just from a cursory glance at your code, it looks like you are creating a bunch of tweens on every mouse move and on every animation frame. You are also selecting elements on every animation frame, which is just additional work that must happen.


If possible, I would try to find a way to replace your tweens with gsap.quickSetter.



You might also want to try it without using blend modes.


If that doesn't give you the results you want, you may have switch to using canvas.


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*Update : Instead of Usng getElById, used React Refs and the QuickSetter Function is Amazing, The Performance Issue is Now Solved, Thank You Again*


 I'll try to Test the Mods you Suggested.


I'm Using it on a Desktop intel i3-550 8gb Ram 4Gb Swap ,Nvidia GT710, Pop OS, Maybe this is working fine on Faster PCs


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Wow 😃 It's Like a Bullet Train Now. I'm in 😍 with the GSAP Community, I'm Getting Such Good Help for Free

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