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Ease not working with ScrollTo

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I searched for this issue but could not find any mention of it, I've checked the Docs and I seem to be doing this correctly, however the window will not scroll with an easing, it just seems to use a default one which starts very slow then suddenly accelerates and stops suddenly.


Here is my code:


var thumbs = document.getElementsByClassName('col');
Array.prototype.forEach.call(thumbs, function(t) {
  t.addEventListener('click', function() {
    gsap.to(window, 0.6, {scrollTo: '#info-section', ease:"power2.inOut"});


I was thinking that maybe I hadn't included the EasePack or something so I tried to just animate a random element on the page to a Y value, and this worked with the easing I had declared it to use. Which makes me wonder if it is a problem with scrollTo?



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Ahhh! That was it, just started using Bootstrap 5 which has this applied to :root by default. Thanks 

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