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John Polacek

GSAP Page Transitions in Next.js

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Hey everyone!


I've been working on a fun demo project called TweenPages to show how I do complex page transitions with GSAP in Next.js. I haven't shared it yet with anyone publicly until now. Would love to get some early feedback. Especially on the docs where I go into detail on the code side of things. Am I doing it right? Am I doing it wrong? Are there things I can improve? 


Fun! - https://tweenpages.vercel.app/

Docs - https://tweenpages.vercel.app/docs

Code - https://github.com/johnpolacek/TweenPages


Hope the project helps anyone who want to do GSAP animations like these on Next.js.


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Hi John! 

Thanks for sharing, this looks like a really useful resource. I'll take a look and pop you the feedback if I think of anything useful.

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Thanks a lot for this John, been looking for resources like this since migrating from Gatsby --> Next!


Great work, will try this out very soon!

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Hi John, this is great! I downloaded the repo and ran it locally. I'll be dissecting the code and adding the functionality to my own projects. Thanks for sharing this!

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Thanks everyone - glad you're finding it useful! Haven't had much time to keep the project up to date as I started a new job but the approach should continue to work.

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Looks really amazing John. Thanks for sharing. 

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