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React and GSAP error

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Uncaught TypeError: Cannot add property _gsap, object is not extensible


import React{ useRefuseEffect } from 'react';
import { gsap } from "gsap";
function Loading() {
  // Store a reference of needed dom elements
  const loadingHeading = useRef();
  // wait until DOM has been rendered
  useEffect(() => {
    gsap.from(loadingHeading{ opacity: 0 })
  return (
      <section className="loading">
        <div className="loading__content">
          <h1 ref={loadingHeadingclassName="loading__heading heading--xl color--dark-grey mb-60">
            La Camicia
          <p className="para--lg color--mid-grey">
            An elegant <span className="font--italic">Shirt Configurator</span> prototype created by Harpreet Singh.
          <p className="para--lg color--mid-grey">
            Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoy it.
export default Loading;
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It would need to be like this.

gsap.from(loadingHeading.current, { opacity: 0 })


Be sure to check out our React Guide 😀



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