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_Greg _

Push text on change element width

Go to solution Solved by nico fonseca,

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I'm a little stuck.
I want to make an animation:
1. If the blue rectangle decreases to the position shown on the image + gap - we begin to move the inscription at the same speed with which the rectangle decreases.
2. The second inscription also waits until the rectangle reaches the gap mark



What happened is very similar, but not the same.
Not sure if changing the coordinate when using onUpdate will not affect performance

See the Pen xxrrXoG?editors=0010 by gregOnCodePen (@gregOnCodePen) on CodePen

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@nico fonseca This is exactly what i want!

Thank you! 

I see first time quickSetter 

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Niceee 🎉 🎉
You are welcome Greg 🙌

5 minutes ago, _Greg _ said:

I see first time quickSetter 

I also discovered it recently and now can't stop using it 😂. You can use a normal .set() but to boost your performance is better to use quicksetter 🚀

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