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Space Man

(Timeline?) function to sync video loop with animations

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Hey Folks, I'm begging for help here.

I'm trying to sync a video with some animation in order to cover up the loop glitch (end and beginning of video).

I was thinking this could be done with a timeline?

I can set the timing to get it close via regular tweens, but when the video is not in view, the whole thing goes out of sync of course.

Is there a way to control the play/pause states of the video AND animations, regardless of whether or not it's IN VIEW?


Please let me know if more info is needed. Thanks!

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Welcome to forums @Space Man


Can you provide a minimal demo? It's very hard tell what your code a snippet is supposed to be doing.


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Thanks for the response OSUblake. This is a difficult one to describe. I want the sweeping animations (and an opacity "#flash") to cover up the video looping glitch, reliably. When it's synced up, it looks great, but I've no idea how to keep them from getting out of sync, which is why I was thinking 'Timeline'.

('#sweep_fast' animation runs twice for every ONE of the other animations and video loop, which is 15 seconds)

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@Space Man I'm not seeing anything in your pen. Please import GSAP and add the missing HTML elements ("#sweep_slow, #sweep_fast,#flash") so we can check your issue. 

Btw here is a recent thread about how to sync a video with a timeline:


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