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Ritesh Malviya

Image sequence animation

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Hey @Ritesh Malviya welcome to the forum! 💚
I don't know if I understand you 100%, but you can set the canvas width/height like this:

canvas.width = window.innerWidth;
canvas.height = window.innerHeight;


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Canvas is just an image, and should be treated just like you would a normal image, so you can set the size with CSS or GSAP.

#my-canvas {
  height: 400px;


gsap.set("#my-canvas", {
  height: 400


This is the intrinsic size, and should be the size of the images. 

canvas.width = 1158;
canvas.height = 770;


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animation ends before frame count ends

i need to give dynamic height  for


so that i can scroll till canvas animation  ends, please help! 

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Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.


And I definitely don't think you should be doing all that logic in the render function. You should create your timeline inside the matchMedia functions, and you can use the position paramater and durations to control when/what should happen.

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can you give a example related to my codepen demo please so that i can apply on my project ! please

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First make a demo without any of the frame or canvas stuff. Just use ScrollTrigger to create and control the text animations, then we can add the canvas stuff later.

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