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Cannot read properties of null (reading '_gsap')

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Hi, i am having an issue on using the Flip plugin in React Js. I have a flip animation occuring in a page. When change the route i got always this message 


This is the piece of code when flips occurs

useEffect(() => {

      let layouts = [styles.final, styles.plain, styles.column, styles.grid],
        container = myRefs.current[0]
      let curLayout = 0; // index of the current layout

      function nextState() {
        const state = Flip.getState(myRefs.current.slice(1), { props: "color,backgroundColor", simple: true }); // capture current state

        container.classList.remove(layouts[curLayout]); // remove old class
        curLayout = (curLayout + 1) % layouts.length;   // increment (loop back to the start if at the end)
        container.classList.add(layouts[curLayout]);    // add the new class

        const animation = Flip.from(state, { // animate from the previous state
          absolute: true,
          stagger: 0.07,
          duration: 0.7,
          ease: "power2.inOut",
          spin: curLayout === 2 || curLayout === 0, // only spin when going to the "final" layout
          simple: true,
          onEnter: (elements, animation) => gsap.fromTo(elements, { opacity: 0 }, { opacity: 1, delay: animation.duration() - 0.1 }),
          onLeave: elements => gsap.to(elements, { opacity: 0 })

        var tween = gsap.delayedCall(curLayout === 0 ? 3.5 : 1.5, nextState);

        return () => {

        // if (puzzle && (!puzzle.nextPuzzle) && curLayout === 0) {
        //   gsap.killTweensOf(nextState);
        // }

      gsap.delayedCall(1, nextState);

    }, [myRefs])

Also, i did the effects copying from this example

How i say, when change the route that error appears

See the Pen eYdyVVe by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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Welcome to forums @Mrgpicasso


Did you register the plugin? And for next.js you might need to import from the dist folder unless you enable module transpiling.

import { gsap } from "gsap/dist/gsap";
import { Flip } from "gsap/dist/Flip";



And here's a demo of Flip and React.

See the Pen MWmqzjE by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


If you need more, please provide a minimal demo. Here's a next.js template you can fork.



For the bonus plugins like Flip, switch the package from gsap to gsap-trial, like here.




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Yeah, I'd recommend trying a console.log(this.element) right before that line that's throwing the error because I suspect that maybe it's not what you think it is. Are you sure it's a DOM element? 

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  • Solution

Thanks for you assistance and the valuable info for Next JS devs. 

I just notice I was doing a bad usage of killing animatios since the return step was inside the function and not for the useEffect hook, so it was never triggered as well. 


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