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why does not run rotateX and rotateY

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Hi everybody, is just a try to undertsand the sintax but after trying and trying it does not work. When I try to change the rotation to an specific axis it does not work.

thanks. My intention is that it runs after this first rotation.

See the Pen vYZgYyb by alexeiv (@alexeiv) on CodePen

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Hi @alexeiv


We'd be happy to help, but the demo you posted is coming up 404. Could you please check the link? Thanks.

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Looks like it's working now. Thanks.


Unfortunately 3D transforms are not supported by SVG elements. You can apply the transforms to the entire SVG as a workaround.


Happy tweening.



PS  Just FYI - the new syntax would be.


gsap.to("#G", {
  duration: 1,
  rotation: 90,
  transformOrigin: "101.5px 55px -120px",
  ease: "none"


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so,...which the use for rotateX and rotateY, this are not Z axis, this are just x and y.I try it to make with just a polygon but it dont works.


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Correct. It won't work with any child elements of the SVG, but you can rotate the whole SVG in 3D space. Or you can put the SVG in a div and rotate the div.


Happy tweening.



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