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Vlad Tw

DNA animation

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Hi guys!


This is my first time reaching on GSAP forum, so i apologize in advance if my question does not fit certain criteria. 


Do you have any tips on how can one approach an animation similar to the one on https://www.aeratechnology.com/? (the slowly moving dna on top center of the page). It comes hard for me to believe that there are 3 different shapes, just rotating, especially the striped one). Any codepen or gsap feature that i can harness will help, as i was not able to get anything of the big picture that should be in my head.


Thanks a lot.

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Hey there Vlad!

This example is using canvas - GreenSock can animate properties of canvas objects - but the setup will involve learning about the canvas API and likely a bit of maths for the shapes/sine waves

Here's a thread that may help

Daniel Shiffman's youtube channel is also great for learning more about these animations.


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