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Circular Text Effect

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HI i am trying to integrate this svg animation into my code like whenever i hover to the image it should animate like its animating there. so the problem with the code is that it isn't working I mean it not animate at first it not even showing until i comment this 974974528_Screenshot2564-09-01at2_09_53AM.png.dde5a970ae6202350a8d3de06bc5b1d1.png

I wanted to explain using codepen but it is down rn dk the reason y :(


https://github.com/whizzbbig/test2/tree/main here's a repo 


Article on Codrops

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1 hour ago, nico fonseca said:

Hey @whizzbbig yes, Codepen is down 😔 ... But you can use Codesandbox meanwhile ! 🙌

thanks for replying sir, idk y codepen is down  😔 ... here is link  https://codesandbox.io/s/circulartexteffect-95y37  for the codesandbox. though i not want its enter animation or its fading animation when we click enter. i just want to get a animation where it moves when we hover onto the button in that codrops example. so like here i want to achieve with the image where i hover the image and it adap animation like its there

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