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Best way to visualise timeline

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I'm working on timings in my timeline. Struggling a little. I've seen pens where people have created a visual showing overlap on each tween - is this functionality built in somewhere?

If so that would be great, if not any tips on logging out useful info to the console? I'm trying to time different effects overlapping and finding it hard even though I know the code (at least I think I do!!)

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I'm not sure quite what you mean by this.

If you're working with scrollTrigger you can use markers? Maybe that's what you've seen.

You could use callbacks to fire messages to the console, there's no visual overlay though - do you have a minimal demo of what you're trying for me to look at?

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Hey PG1,


It may well be that I don't understand your intentions properly.
If you create a timeline with several positioned tweens, then you will see the result of the positioning directly.
The extensive syntax of the options is listed in the DOCS.
In addition, a visualization for better understanding.


See the Pen PopXddg by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Happy positioning ...




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Double positioning pen recommendations! 🥳

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Hi @PG1


Building a robust timeline visualizer would be quite an undertaking. I created a video to explain how the getChildren() method can be used to grab animations from a timeline, get their start times and durations, and then use that info to build a rudimentary visualization



Once you start throwing in staggers, nested timelines, and tweens that target multiple elements things get complicated fast.

This video is just meant to introduce you to some of the basic concepts. 


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