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Div Flip, color change

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Hi there,

I'm adapting some code from one of the other forum questions here. It's all working pretty nicely. But I'm just not sure how to make an adjustment for transitioning the color. Right now the transition to the full-page background color is fairly abrupt. I'd really like it to be slightly more gradual. Is that something I can do just with CSS transition? I wasn't having any luck with that earlier, so I'm guessing it actually happens in the js somewhere. Actually, in general, the content for the full-screen part just feels clunky on that transition right now - which may also be because I'm using flex classes & bootstrap to position the content vertically and horizontally centered. Is there a better way to do that with Tweening?


Thanks in advance.

See the Pen vYZLyoX by ThePixelPixie (@ThePixelPixie) on CodePen

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