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Directional rotating camera on event

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Welcome to the forums, @mark772


I'm not much of a ThreeJS guy - I didn't notice any rotation animations at all in your demo. Did I miss something? Was there a GSAP-specific question we can help with? 


Directional rotation is baked into GSAP for regular DOM elements but obviously that won't help here since you're using a ThreeJS object. It wouldn't be terribly difficult to do what you're asking in a helper function or onUpdate, though. It'd help a lot if you just created the most minimal demo possible (strip out EVERYTHING you can) and focus it on a single GSAP question (like "notice how it's rotating in the wrong direction here - how can I make it go the other way?") - that'll significantly increase your chances of getting a good answer here. 

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Thanks for your responses! I will try to have as minimal of a demo as possible on future questions. I managed to get the desired animation by tweaking the coordinates (actually using only the Y coordinate).  

See the Pen rNwOPOv by mark772 (@mark772) on CodePen


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