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LiquidStage, DynamicPinPoints and Tweening

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I'm working with Liquidstage and DynamicPinPoints and have a question regarding whether I'm using these awesome classes to their full potential.


Let's say that I've created a DynamicPinPoint myPin based on the bottom right corner of a Sprite, mySprite. I then position myTarget and attach it to the DynamicPinPoint. Now suppose I want to tween the position of mySprite. Is there a parameter to handle updating the pin position during the tween? I added an onUpdate:ls.update parameter to the TweenLite instance to force the LiquidStage object to update. Technically this worked but resulted in some "pixel-splitting" on the tweened object (see attached). The top row of pixels (of myTarget Sprite) stays attached to the DynamicPinPoint, but the rest of the Sprite's pixels lag behind the updated position by 10 pixels or so... in this case probably one frame's worth.


I'm curious if my method is this the most efficient technique to keep a DynamicPinPoint's position updated during a Tween?

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Hmmm...I didn't see the issue with the "top row" of pixels looking correct while the others didn't. Everything appeared to render correctly for me. Any chance you could do a screen capture or recording that would show me what you're talking about? The Flash Player itself does have issues sometimes with tearing but it has nothing to do with LiquidStage, TweenMax, or any other ActionScript.


There is a LiquidPositionPlugin for the tweening engine, but it probably isn't exactly what you're looking for in this scenario (read the ASDocs for a description). You were right to use an onUpdate to call the LiquidStage's update() method during the tween.

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Thanks Jack,


I figured the tearing was part of a flashplayer problem, but was curious if anyone had encountered the issue or discovered a solution.

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Oh, yeah, I didn't see that tearing on my system. I'm 99.99% sure it's a Flash Player issue.

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