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Did anyone setup ScrollTrigger for this custom scrolling script?

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Cannot figure out how to setup scroller proxy for this... yikes!

If anyone could help - I'd really appreciate it,

Thank you guys

See the Pen NWgWRxj by designismore (@designismore) on CodePen

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We really can't offer support for something we didn't make. As it is, the code for that VirtualScroll doesn't expose members to work with the scollerProxy, an on update listener, and a getter/setter for the scroll position.


Any reason you can't use the one we provided?


See the Pen gOgWELo by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen



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Thanks for the fast reply @OSUblake ... I understand. Will have a second look into what you shared, because I think I tried it once but can't remember exactly why I didn't end up using it. Best guess would be that it was lagging...





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