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Unexpected Bump on Scroll

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Guys why snap is not working when ever i scroll last page get snapped every time, instead of middle one in same example we are discussing.


See the Pen vYZKwvM by dotsinspace (@dotsinspace) on CodePen


NOTE: i am looking for dynamic solution. current code of gsap is dynamic independent of width of window. it just calulates total page in #ScrollContainer and slide accordingly. i have already tried adding snap: { x: [0, 100] } etc. but nothing works perfect. along with it have one more doubt ( not question ) is it possible to add smoothness to vertical scroll like what horizontal scroll have. because horizontal scroll look nice but when last page starts vertical scroll everything seems ugly.

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If you have 3 sections, you'd snap: snap: [0, 0.5, 1]. And I'd strongly recommend changing your ease to "none" on that to ensure the spacing is correct. I also think you're making the end too much - I'd cut that in half or 1/3rd but that's just my opinion. As for adding a smooth scroll to the whole page, there are several solutions offered (including a ScrollTrigger-only one) on this page: https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Plugins/ScrollTrigger/static.scrollerProxy() (scroll down for the demos). If you do apply smooth scrolling to the whole page, I would definitely set your scrub to true instead of a numeric value so that you're not compounding the smoothing. 

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One more question as you can see in code pen when horizontal scroll page ends on last page in this case ( 3rd Page ) and Vertical Scroll starts my every user see little bump before vertical scroll begins how can i avoid it.

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I think that's because you have a CSS transition applied of transition: all 0.3s - you should pretty much NEVER apply a CSS transition to something that is also being animated via JS. :)

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