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I have just purchased my club account and from looking at various demos I am positive this was a great buy! :)




Not a single FLA example was included in the package :(


For people who are relatively new to AS3 it would be simply AWESOME to include at least ONE SIMPLE FLA example for each class...


I know that code hints are there, but on the main page we have live demos - why not include FLA versions of this demos Jack?


It is much easier (at least for me) to learn and use stuff looking at FLA samples rather than starting from a scratch :s


LoaderMAX, LiquidStage, even simple things like various Tweaners ... Would be so much more useful if simple FLA demo files are included into ZIP package...


Anyway, this brings me to the question - Jack, is there any way to obtain some FLA samples? I would be more than happy to have just FLA files used for the demos on the main GreenSock site... Any chance of this please?

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Absolutely - "Shockingly Green" and corporate members can get the FLAs anytime including the FLAs that I used to create the intro animation on the main greensock.com web site. Frankly I worry about confusing people if I put tons of FLA files in there along with all the swfs, ActionScript, ASDocs, badges, etc. But I do hope to create some more simple FLA files for things in the future. In fact, I'm working on a video for LoaderMax that'll be kinda like a tutorial and you can download the files. There are already some sample FLAs available on the site. And the interactive examples are intended to help you get a good feel for the syntax, etc. Thanks for the feedback, though. And welcome to the club!


I didn't find your e-mail address in the Club GreenSock roster (I'm sure you used a different one, that's all). Could you shoot me an e-mail or PM telling me the one you registered with and I'll e-mail you the intro FLAs?

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Hi Jack,


What can I say but THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Please check your PM :)


Many thanks again and all the best!

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