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Accessing loader content

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I'm having trouble figuring out the correct syntax to access my content. I'm hoping you can set me straight :?


I have a SWFLoader that loads it's content into a container Sprite that I created, like so:

 myContainer = new Sprite();

var myLoader:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader(mySWF.swf, {name:"mySWF", container:myContainer});


I'm trying to access a public function that was part of the mySWF class definition, but can't figure out the syntax to get at it. myContainer.getChildAt(0).name returns "mySWF", (type = "ContentDisplay"). How would I access a function "myFunction" that's part of the mySWF class? I've tried every combination I can think of: myContainer.getChildAt(0).myFunction, myContainer.getChildAt(0).content.myFunction, myContainer.getChildAt(0).rawContent.myFunction... just can't seem to find the correct path.

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I finally came upon a combination that worked:


var temp = myContainer.getChildAt(0);

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Or simply cast the rawContent as an Object, like Object(myLoader.rawContent).myFunction()


The issue simply has to do with data typing in Flash and the compiler sees that rawContent is technically a DisplayObject and not all DisplayObjects have a "myFunction()" function, so it burps. If, however, you type it as an Object or MovieClip (assuming your root class did indeed extend a MovieClip), those are "dynamic" classes that can contain pretty much any property/method, so the compiler doesn't complain.


Hope that makes sense.

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